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Authorized dealer of Audi and Volkswagen vehicles and service of Audi, Volkswagen and ŠKODA vehicles

CAR POINT Karlovy Vary s.r.o.

Chebská 55, 360 06 

Tel: +420 353 505 949

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Authorized service of Volkswagen and Škoda vehicles

and authorized dealer of Volkswagen vehicles

CAR POINT Domažlice

Masarykova 570, 344 01

Tel: +420 379 775 611


Car Point Servis - VW užitkové vozy

Volkswagen Genuine Spare Parts

The Volkswagen choice means quality without compromises. Only quality may replace quality. There is no reason to deviate from this criterion, as far as Volkswagen Genuine parts or Volkswagen Genuine accessories are concerned.
Quite the opposite: Volkswagen Genuine parts feature high-quality workmanship and high accuracy, and are mutually aligned - it is guaranteed that every individual part correctly fulfills its úrole. Our two-year warranty on material and flawless installation are matters of course.

Volkswagen genuine accessories

Volkswagen genuine accessories are adjusted to your Volkswagen model down to the smallest detail.

In you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact our spare parts personnel.

We offer FREE delivery of genuine spare parts and accessories to our registered customers.

by phone: +420 353 505 941 (42, 43)
Spare parts ordering form HERE