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Authorized dealer of Audi and Volkswagen vehicles and service of Audi, Volkswagen and ŠKODA vehicles

CAR POINT Karlovy Vary s.r.o.

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Authorized service of Volkswagen and Škoda vehicles

and authorized dealer of Volkswagen vehicles

CAR POINT Domažlice

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Car Point Servis - Volkswagen

Volkswagen genuine replacement parts - quality without compromise

Volkswagen genuine replacement parts are industrially refurbished parts. Their assortment is primarily focused on areas like engine components, clutch/gearbox, axle/brakes/steering, fuel and air mixture, and vehicle electrical installation. Compared to a new part, the replacement part price is lower, on average by 40%. A genuine replacement part receives a new identity and its usage period matches that of a new part. All the replacement parts are subject to a two-year warranty. We can guarantee you that our
genuine replacement parts are always modified in line with the most recent technical developments. As a result, their technical level sometimes even exceeds úthe genuine parts that were installed into a vehicle during its production. Quality assurance is the most critical production aspect, which follows our mass production quality. We place a great emphasis on efficiency, active environmental protection, and economy of resources.

Why do we recommend our customers use Volkswagen genuine parts?
• They are top quality parts.
• They are extremely reliable.
• They are 100% functional and safe.
• Their lifespan is long.
• They are regularly innovated.
• They are identical to new vehicle genuine parts.
• Their perfect fit facilitates quality installation
• They undergo rigorous testing based on the Volkswagen standards
• They are easily available.

Volkswagen Economy parts - 100% quality at a favourable price.
The economy parts have been specifically designed according to the Volkswagen AG standards for vehicles over 5 years of age in order to make their maintenance úand repair costs adequate to the vehicles time value. They differ from genuine Volkswagen® parts in their design properties. They were made of adequate materials, and the number of variants was reduced. However, safety and function are always preserved! The completed úmodifications positively impact the economy part prices. Compared to the genuine parts, they are on average 25% cheaper.

The use of economy parts combined with our special reduced hourly rates for older vehicles makes the care of your vehicle at our authorized service centre really cost-effective!

Genuine Volkswagen accessories - guaranteed quality and maximum functionality
Genuine Volkswagen accessories. like the brand itself, mean guaranteed quality and maximum functionality. Genuine Volkswagen accessories are produced in line with strict criteria. They are produced in close cooperation with design and development sites involved in Volkswagen vehicles. This means that safety, reliability, and the best possible quality of material and the product itself are fully guaranteed.

We will gladly advise you on our wide assortment of genuine accessories that help personalize your vehicle. Enjoy our extensive offer of multiple product groups and beneficial two-year warranty covering our genuine Volkswagen accessories. For a driving experience that is more fun, fascinating and safe.

We offer FREE delivery of genuine spare parts and accessories to our registered customers.
You may order spare parts through our electronic form or by phone at: 353 505 941 (42, 43).